So often the youth or young adults are refusing to communicate truths to older adults or elders out of fear. Meanwhile, older adults or elders can express any opinion or thought & it is automatically considered wise. Why is that? Your age does not determine how correct, intelligent or righteous you are. The truth is … Continue reading “Non-Toxic”


I wake up Thank God Grab the phone Swipe the screen The alarm is now off But I don’t move Slow to inhale Slow to exhale The to-do list in my mind Longer than my spine I need to get up I need to start my day I roll over to sit up The edge … Continue reading “Slow”

Love: The Greatest Gift

“You’re not perfect. I’m definitely not perfect. But our imperfections are what makes us special. You can grow from every mistake. Every time you lose you learn something. It is okay to get back up and try again.”

That’s what you would tell somebody else if they came to you broken and confused. So why don’t you look in the mirror and say those exact words.

Love yourself enough to see beyond where you are right now. If you’re out there just telling people what they want to hear, do that for yourself too. You’re worthy of that same pick me up.

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