Queen G, CEO

Queen G is the founder of Strong & Gifted. She graduated Summa cum laude from the “GREAT” Bethune-Cookman University (HBCU) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. As an author, life coach, and public speaker, Queen G believes in the power of self-awareness. Her accomplishments are a testament to how being aware of the potential inside of you can motivate to grind for all that you aspire to do in life.

The Brand

The name “Strong & Gifted” originated from the initials of Queen G and her 3 daughters (SG). Wanting to give the letters meaning beyond their names, “strong” and “gifted” were the best adjectives to describe how her girls should view themselves. But not only them, you too!

The vision of others becoming self-aware and acknowledging how strong and gifted they are surpasses the walls of her home as Queen G and her husband are dedicated to sharing the encouragement and love they have bestowed on their children, with other children, teens, young adults and elders as well.

The Logo

The “S” for “Strong” is bold and white for strength and faith. Having the strength to step out on faith during this journey is important for growth.

The “g” for “Gifted” is italicized and black for sophistication and authority. In order to prosper you have to take control of your life so that life does not take control of you.

A red star is used to symbolize the passion behind the journey of each individual aspiring to reach beyond their potential. The tip of the star is colored black to remind our Strong & Gifted soldiers of how important it is to keep your mind focused when the flesh is too emotional to push through challenges.

Our Sister Brand

Queen G has launched a brand exclusive to women. This brand is accompanied with a private Facebook group and Instagram page!!!

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