I wake up

Thank God

Grab the phone

Swipe the screen

The alarm is now off

But I don’t move

Slow to inhale

Slow to exhale

The to-do list in my mind

Longer than my spine

I need to get up

I need to start my day

I roll over to sit up

The edge of the bed

I am stuck here

Slow to inhale

Slow to exhale

Feet on the floor

Resting in quicksand

I want to stand

I need to stand

So I do

Slow to inhale

Slow to exhale

The walk to the bathroom

The mint flavor on my gums

The water on my face

The look in the mirror

The reminder of who I am

Slow to inhale

Slow to exhale

I walk out refreshed

Believing in myself

I am





I would like to shout out Just Write for issuing this challenge. It felt great to “just write” for a few minutes. Thank you!

Check out her blog post here!!!

**Doing a writing challenge and writing prompts today the word is Slow. Feel free to participate in this challenge. ** Write On!!

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Author: Queen G

Hey yall! It's Queen G with Strong & Gifted. I am a motivational writer who loves empowering & educating others anyway I can. Creative expression allows me to encourage myself & also reach others. I hope to network with people of various backgrounds to contribute to the greatness that already exists within our culture. There's room for us all! 💪🏾👑

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